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Dedicated e-mail systems development projects
Messaging systems tailored to the specific business process demands, integration with the existing corporate systems and databases (CRM, CMS, ERP, etc.).

Renowned web-based email marketing system
Casteo.com is an easy to use turn-key solution: no startup costs, no lengthy user training. All you need is a computer and the internet.

E-mail marketing for large enterprise and structured organizations
Casteo Groupware enables centralized control over the campaign visual identity, security, data access and supports projects in different organizational units.

Solutions for creative teams and their clients
Casteo B2B enables creative teams to perform high-quality email marketing campaigns for their clients with outsourcing of all major risk factors and possible problems.

»White-label« solutions, smtp delivery system
High-end email marketing platform for building rebranded products and solutions - with outsourcing of all major risks and possible problems as well.

Corporate social responsibility: Infonova and Unicef Slovenia
At Infonova we are profoundly aware of importance of responsibility to our fellow human beings, fellow citizens, our future generations and generally all inhabitants of our ever smaller beautiful planet today and tomorrow. This is why we always proudly support and cooperate with organizations that strive to make our world even nicer and better - for all of us Earthlings.
Still greatest significance we see in youthful optimism of our youngest visionaries, who are yet to set out on changing the world - but only if we enable them. We are therefore most proud, that the main organization of the United Nations that is entirely devoted to children - Unicef, has chosen Infonova for sponsorship and e-mail promotion technology.

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